Davis Joint Unified School District -- Elementary Music Program

Frequently asked questions:

1.  What is the elementary music program?
The elementary music program is instrumental music instruction offered in grades 4 through 6.  Beginning in 4th grade students may opt for instruction on stringed instruments -- violin, viola, cello.  Beginning in 5th grade, students may opt for instruction on certain traditional band instruments – trumpet, trombone, flute, clarinet, alto sax, or percussion – or may also choose to learn string bass in addition to the other string instrument options.
Instruction is 30 minutes once per week in a pullout model, meaning that students will miss 30 minutes of class time per week to have music instruction.  Students will need to work out a way with the classroom teacher to complete any missed classwork.  The music instruction is in the form of a small group lesson.  Students are expected to practice weekly assignments at home on their instruments.

2.  Are school instruments available?
Yes, school instruments are available to families who need them in order to participate.

3.   Why do families appreciate the music program?
Because it offers an opportunity for performing arts experience.  Particularly in secondary grades it gives students social connection and a positive team environment in a school setting.  It teaches students about habits of daily practice to achieve longterm success.  It develops the ability to present one’s self in public. 

4.  How does my child start up in the elementary music program?
In order to start in the elementary music program, parents are required to attend a parent meeting in early September. The program is described in detail, forms are filled out and turned in, and families have the option to ask music vendors about renting or buying instruments.
Students in grades 4 to 6 attend a school assembly prior to the parent meetings. At that time students are introduced to the various instruments and are given further information to take home to parents.

5.  Can my child wait until junior high school or high school to join band or orchestra?
Junior high school band and orchestra classes expect at least one to two years of experience prior to joining in 7th grade. Students who participate in the elementary music program would have the needed experience to join the junior high instrumental groups. Students who have equivalent experience through private lessons could also join in junior high school.

6.   What about choir?
At this time choir is not a standard part of the school day curriculum in the elementary schools. Some elementary schools have before or after school choir programs funded through site or PTO money.
School day choir instruction begins in 7th grade and is open to students who have no prior experience.

7.   What music program options are available at the secondary level?
Go to this link.